At the time of his death, the decedent was a resident of a community group home in Cherry Hill that was operated by the defendants. If such setoff is not ordered, each party may have execution for the costs due him. The prejudice to the Davises is obvious.

Whenever the testimony of a witness at a trial or hearing which was officially stenographically reported is admissible in evidence at a later trial, it may be proved by the transcript thereof duly certified by the person who reported the testimony.

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Coloplast unsuccessfully moved for judgment as a matter of law and new trial, and then appealed.

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Although defense counsel did not object to the statements during the opening statement and summation, the Appellate Division concluded that the trial judge had an affirmative duty to intervene in the face of patently inappropriate conduct.

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Quite often, I find myself litigating partnership and close corporation disputes that could have easily been avoided had the partners just taken a little more care in drafting their agreements.

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